Students learn complex reading and writing skills through shared novels, close reading, and writing process cycles. In close reading, students analyze a variety of literature and nonfiction selections to practice a variety of techniques for reading, comprehending and making sense of unfamiliar texts.

Middle School ELA instruction incorporates the deliberate and explicit teaching of reading skills and strategies that enable students to read with understanding.  Every day, students interact with high-quality classic and contemporary literature that’s rigorous and culturally relevant. 

Teaching all students to read and think critically is our goal as we prepare students to be successful in school and life.

math curriculum


At NCS, our middle school scholars embark on an exciting mathematical journey aligned with the New York Next Generation Standards. Within our engaging curriculum, students partake in a dedicated “Math Workshop” block, offering them the flexibility to work independently, collaborate in pairs, or join groups as they delve into various mathematical concepts. We are committed to nurturing diverse problem-solving approaches, ensuring each scholar discovers the method that suits them best.

Our program goes beyond preparing students for exams; it empowers them to become confident quantitative thinkers and effective problem solvers. We foster a deep comprehension of mathematical concepts rooted in reasoning, not just rote calculation, enabling our scholars to view math as a powerful tool for critical thinking about the world around them.


At NCS, our middle school science program aligns with the New York State Science Standards. Each year scholars focus on a different branch of science, growing and building their science knowledge and skills. Students learn through real-life problems and phenomena, where they conduct research, analyze data, take part in hands-on investigations, and build models. Students will conduct labs, where they create their own testable questions, conduct research, generate a hypothesis, test their ideas, and reflect on the results.

In 6th grade, our scholars focus on Earth Science, where they learn about our planet Earth. Some topics of study are the history of our Earth, rocks and minerals, and Earth’s Systems. In 7th grade, scholars dive deep into physical science, where they will cover topics such as structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces, and energy. In 8th grade, scholars study living environment and prepare for the New York State Living Environment Regents Exam. Through their study of living environment, scholars become experts on topics such as genetics, homeostasis, disease, human impact on the environment, and ecosystems.

Through this program, scholars learn what it is like to become scientists and engineers and the steps they need to take to investigate real world problems. Students will learn how to read and write like scientists, as well as, how to think critically about the world around them.


NCS’s history program begins with the foundations of civilization and ends with the study of the present-day United States. Our history program is not just a list of dates and events that we expect scholars to memorize. Our study of history encourages students to act as real historians and evaluate the past through different sources. Through analysis of multiple sources and perspectives of events, scholars will draw their own conclusions about what happened at events of the past. At NCS scholars engage in historical thinking, where they interact with the past through reading and writing, engaging in debates and Socratic seminars, group discussions, and much more.

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