NCS Harlem & Bronx are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Click here to apply!

Governor Cuomo announced today that all schools in NYS will be closed until at least April 29th.  NCS will continue to provide instruction through remote learning and provide updates regarding school closure as information is released.

It is with great excitement that NCS launch our Remote Learning Platform. Our goal is to ensure the continuation of scholar learning, engagement, and community. We aim to keep students on track so that when they return to school, they will be ready for the next phase in their learning.

You may access NCS’s Remote Learning Platform by clicking here, or by going to the following web address: https://sites.google.com/ncschools.org/distancelearning

Providing that we open in September, we wanted to share a few important dates in the 20-21 school year. While we are hopeful that these dates will remain fixed, we appreciate your flexibility in the event the following dates need to be adjusted.

8/28 – First day of school for K (half day)

8/31 – First day of 1-8 (full day)

Starting Monday, March 23rd, grab and go meals will only be available at the sites listed below. Grab and go meals will be available in the main building entrance from 7:30am-1:30pm. Students 18 and under may pick up one breakfast and two lunch meals.  Please note that these sites may change over time. We will notify you if there are any changes.


Schools in district 6:

  • P.S. 004 (500 West 160 Street)
  • P.S. 005 (3703 Tenth Avenue)
  • P.S. 008 (465 West 167 Street)
  • P.S. 028 (475 West 155 Street)
  • P.S. 098 (512 West 212 Street)
  • P.S. 115 (586 West 177 Street)
  • P.S. 152 (93 Nagle Avenue)
  • P.S. 189 (2580 Amsterdam Avenue)
  • P.S. 192 (500 West 138 Street)


Schools in district 7:

  • P.S. 5 (564 Jackson Avenue)
  • P.S. 018 (502 Morris Avenue)
  • South Bronx Preparatory (360 East 145 Street)