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1-2 Science: GTL

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Hemwate Annie Mangroo is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education at City College. Born in Guyana, Hemwate moved to New York at the age of three and has since grown to adapt to the diverse cultures in her environment while keeping her traditional culture alive. Hemwate previously worked for Bright Horizons as a Kindergarten Prep teacher; she has also worked with children in both after-school and day-care settings. Her experiences have shown her the profound impact teachers make in their communities. Hemwate is deeply passionate about science, technology, math, writing, art and community based advocacy; she is incredibly excited to be part of a school that upholds such values. Hemwate looks forward to building meaningful relationships with scholars and their families within the NCSH community.