Autism Program Application Process

If you feel your child would be a good fit for NCS, please review and follow the steps below!
If you have difficulty with any of these steps please feel free to reach out to a member of our team.

Submit your application

When submitting your application form make sure you include any supporting documentation, such as most recent IEP and previous evaluations! This will help speed up the process and also give our team a better understanding of your child.

To submit your application click this link, email, or email a member of our team (listed below).

Document review 

Once you’ve submitted your application and documentation, a member of our team will review the application! If our team decides we can support your child, we will contact you to arrange a meeting. 

If we feel we cannot support your child, we will communicate this to you and support you to find another placement if you wish. 

Initial Meeting 

During our initial meeting we will further discuss our Autism Program. This is also a chance for you to ask questions and get to know members of our team! During this meeting one of our Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) will conduct an ‘informal language screening’ with your child. This will help our team determine if their language abilities match the academic and social demands at NCS. 

Referral to YAI Autism Center

If the information gained at our initial meeting determines NCS is a good fit for your child, we will refer you to YAI Autism Center. Here, they will schedule a meeting with you to perform any evaluations necessary and make the final decision: Yes! NCS is a good fit for your child, or No, NCS will not suit your child. NCS will notify you of this decision.

Yes, NCS is a good fit for your child! 

NCS will invite your child to participate in a number of activities to aid their transition to our school. For example, they will have the chance to participate in Social Club, sit in class, and tour the school again. 

 Home Visit 

The last step in the process is attending a Home Visit. This is where two members of our Leadership Team (usually a member of the Special Education Team and a Principal/Assistant Principal) meet with you in your home or another space. The purpose is to begin our partnership with you and get to know your family on a deeper level. Through this partnership we can become a strong team that best supports your child as they begin at NCS!

Your Support Team

If you’re experiencing difficulties, have questions, or are simply not sure whether or not to apply, please email one of the following team members directly! We’re here to support you.

Jennifer Manning 
Director of Special Education
Johanna Rodriguez
Special Projects Manager

Brittany Moser
Autism Spectrum Disorder
(ASD) Coach