Neighborhood Charter Schools provides a rare opportunity for students with autism in New York City. At NCS, we believe in access to both rigorous academics and social emotional learning. In addition, our program is described as ‘inclusive education’, which means our students with autism are fully included in their classrooms, learning alongside their ‘neurotypical’ peers.

We have a specific criteria for our Autism Program

Key Aspects of our Program

Smaller class sizes

Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)

  • Two teachers per classroom

High expectations

  • Academic growth
  • Social emotional development

Autism best practices

  • Predictability and strong routines
  • Consistency in environments
  • Visual supports
  • Individualized, family centered planning

‘Social Club’

  • Small group social skills lessons
  • Led by Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)
  • Opportunities to practice through play

Social Thinking Curriculum

Parent Collaboration and Support

  • Regular parent events (social and educational)
  • Access to support from extensive Special Education Leadership Team

Is our Autism Program right for your child?

We recognize how difficult it can be to find the right school for your child!

At NCS we have a specific criteria for our Autism Program to ensure we will be able to meet your child’s individual needs. Read below to determine if you feel your child meets our criteria.

Autism Diagnosis

  • ADOS-2
  • Considered ‘high-functioning’ or ‘low needs’


  • Below average to above average intelligence
  • Consistent development in verbal/non-verbal abilities, working memory, language and attention


  • Close to that of their peers
  • Close to Grade Level
  • Does not include social language skills (initiating conversation, non-verbal communication etc.)

Social Skills

  • Mild to moderate delays
  • May have difficulty with social interactions, play, change in routine etc.


  • Mild to moderate difficulties
  • Toilet trained
  • Not aggressive to others
  • Able to learn in the group (e.g., doesn’t frequently run away)

For more information about our ASD application process, please visit our ASD application process page!

Parents Talk About the ASD Program

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The Enrollment Process

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Individualized Instructional Techniques

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Fostering Academic and Personal Growth

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Social and Emotional Development